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The Haptics Group

The Penn Haptics Group is a vibrant collection of students and researchers. You'll often find people in the lab working together on a project or a homework assignment late into the night, covering the whiteboard with equations and strewing mechanical and electrical components across the tables.

Joining the Group

Interested in getting involved in our lab? Haptics research spans a variety of disciplines including Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Systems Engineering, Psychology, Neuroscience, and more. Students joining the field should have some background in one of these areas, and they should expect to become educated in many of the rest.

Current Penn students (senior undergrads and grad students) should consider taking Dr. Kuchenbecker's MEAM 625 course on haptic interfaces for an introduction to this research area. Students who want to come to Penn from outside need to apply for a degree program through the regular channels; once you have submitted your official application, please send Dr. Kuchenbecker an email to make her aware of your interest. We look forward to working with you!