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Short Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers and Posters

J. M. Romano, A. Safonova, and K. J. Kuchenbecker. Real-Time Graphic and Haptic Simulation of Deformable Tissue Puncture. In Proceedings, Medicine Meets Virtual Reality, January 2009.

M. Yang, J. Lu, Z. Zhou, A. Safonova, and K. J. Kuchenbecker. A GPU-Based Approach for Real-Time Haptic Rendering of 3D Fluids. In Proceedings, SIGGRAPH Asia, December 2008.

A. Blank, A. M. Okamura, and K. J. Kuchenbecker. Effects of Proprioceptive Motion Feedback on Sighted and Unsighted Control of a Virtual Hand Prosthesis. In Proceedings, IEEE Symposium on Haptic Interfaces for Virtual Environment and Teleoperator Systems, pages 141-142, March 2008.

K. J. Kuchenbecker. Haptography: Capturing the feel of real objects to enable authentic haptic rendering (invited paper). In Proceedings, Haptic in Ambient Systems (HAS) Workshop, in conjunction with the ICST First International Conference on Ambient Media and Systems, February 2008.

K. J. Kuchenbecker, N. Gurari, and A. M. Okamura. Quantifying the Value of Visual and Haptic Position Feedback in Force-Based Motion Control. In Proceedings, IEEE World Haptics Conference, pages 561-562, March 2007.